Jodi Lee

Jodi Lee is a unique New York City Artist and Singer who writes songs with eclectic influences ranging from soulful classic bluesy rock to acoustic country ballads to punkish alternative rock. As a child, Jodi, who practically “danced herself right out of the womb”, would often practice her classical ballet to Rock & Roll songs. Full of energy and life she amused everyone with her charismatic song interpretations (often adding her own lyrics to standards). Having learned “standards of excellence” thru her training as a ballet dancer and classic opera technique with Industry Pros, she realized that while technique is important, it is the ability to express your art intelligently, honestly and passionately that makes for a great artist. Being a gypsy at heart who “dances to the beat of her own drum” she decided to put her spontaneous and creative nature to work to write for herself. She began to listen to all types of music and to “Hear” what her rock, soul, funk & folk idols had to say. Realizing the roots of rock n roll began with soulful brothers/sisters who had so many honest and important things to say and who sang them with such feeling – she found herself strongly attracted to and relating to that world. While at the same time being influenced by the bio-picBritish, American & Canadian boys who were speeding up the blues and rockin it out .. she caught on that many a rock song is basically a 50’s/60’s progression sped up, slowed down or funked out. Then it all clicked – if the boys can do it – maybe I can too! Writing from her heart she began expressing her feelings on acoustic guitar – from sad and soulful songs to powerful rock songs with messages of intelligence and angst -just like her male counterparts.  Jodi Lee has worked with some of the best musicians and music producers on her musical projects including Guitarist Earl Slick (John Lennon, David Bowie, Ian Hunter), Mark Bosch (Ian Hunter), Music Producer David Foster (Celine Dion, Whitney Houston, Josh Groban) Shiela E (Shiela E Band) and a host of many others.